Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance

Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance

Protect your mobile from £1.49

  • Accidental Damage & Breakdown
  • Screen & Liquid Damage
  • Theft, Loss & Unauthorised Calls**
  • Cracked Screens
  • Immediate Family & Worldwide Cover
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Mobile Phone & Gadget Insurance Defaqto 2014 four star

Can Staying connected means keeping your mobile, iPhone, iPad, or tablet safe. Which is why we provide all the protection you need against accidental damage, breakdown, theft or loss.
Because we know how valuable your gadgets are to you, our insurance is designed to offer the greatest cover, for the smallest price, which allows you to access a great UK service with multiple claims permitted each year.^

With cover starting at only £1.41 per month when paying annually, you don’t have to dig deep to protect your phone or tablet. Unlike lots of other insurance companies, we reduce the price by 5% for every extra gadget you want to cover with up to 15% off.

If you want to pay annually to get the most cost effective policy you’ll get yet another 5% off. That’s 20% off with four or more gadgets! That would make insuring an iPhone 5S 16Gb equivalent to just £4.79 a month, crazy!

Fantastically Helpful Customer Service: If you want to know what happens when disaster strikes your phone, our customers say we’re the bestest! All our team are based in Bournemouth, we have lots of water here so we know all about breaking phones & gadgets (!) including the inconvenience it can cause.

Flexible Payments & Terms: With annual or monthly payment options, if there’s a hole in your pocket, you can choose to pay monthly to spread the cost. Don’t want to carry on? You can cancel anytime.

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Worldwide Cover: From Torremolinos to Timbuktu, we’ve got you covered!

Theft, Loss and Unauthorised Calls: If your phone is stolen or lost and used by some scoundrel, we pick up the bill for unauthorised calls.**

REALLY IMPORTANT: Unlike lots of other gadget insurance companies, we actually deal with everything from when you sign up through to when you claim. We don't just pass you to a third party and forget about you. We love and cherish you and your gadgets! Check other provider's terms to see who actually will deal with your claim before you sign up.

When it comes to dealing with claims, we're like lightning :) Our purpose of being is to protect your gadgets so it's our job to be quick!

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We make decisions in a jiffy

If your gadget was lost or stolen we'll despatch a replacement like the thunder of Thor and aim to have it with you within 1 – 2 days upon approval of your claim.

If you've dropped it, cracked it, splashed it, bounced it or your naughty gadget manufacturer didn't make it perfect like you, then we'll send out a safe cuddly prepaid package to pop your phone in once we've approved your claim. When we get your beloved item we aim to get your shiny repaired or replaced device out the door fast because we don't have the room for it!

For us to make a quick decision on your claim just call us so can set the process in motion and normally ask you to provide any relevant documents (see our terms for full details).

That's it. No stress, no hassle, just a straight forward claims process for you to love!

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What We Cover

iPad Insurance
Great iPad insurance cover from just £3.49. We cover all iPads & many other tablets too from just £1.41 a month when paying on an annual basis.
iPhone Insurance
iPhone insurance worth shouting from the rooftops about, all from just £5.99 a month. Review our cover compared to competitors now to get the best deal!
Samsung & Mobiles Insurance
Samsung & Mobiles
Mobile phone insurance including the Samsung Galaxy range from just £2.99 a month. Other mobile insurance from just £1.41 a month when purchasing annually.

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Budget Mobile Cover Reviews
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We're Different! Get More For Less With Budget Mobile Cover

  • Get up to 20% off – protect all of your devices and get a 20% discount when you sign up to an annual payment with 4 or more gadgets*
  • Make More Than One Claim - unlike many other providers, we allow you to make up to 3 claims per year^ because we know mishaps happen more than once
  • Fast Claims - we aim for a 48hr turnaround because we know how much you hate to be without your phone
  • Worldwide Cover - for phone protection and peace of mind wherever your travels take you
  • Payments Made Easy - choose convenient annual or monthly payments to suit you and your pocket
  • Stolen Phones - we'll keep you connected if thieves take a fancy to your phone**
  • Loss - Don't worry, you're covered when you select the 'loss option'**
  • Unauthorised Calls - we pay up to £1000 in unauthorised calls so you're not left footing the bill**
  • Accidental Damage, Cracked Screens & Breakdown - Whoops! We'll sort those mishaps for you and pick up where the manufacturer left off so that you're reunited with your phone, pronto

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